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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

It's simple... yet extremely important. Please read these terms carefully because they apply to your use of this website. Once you have accessed this website, you have agreed to the policies laid out within. YOUR ACCESS OR USE OF THIS WEBSITE SIGNIFIES THAT YOU HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS. If you do not agree with these policies, please do not use or access this site.


Changes to the Terms.


From time to time, the artist may make changes to the Terms, and reserves the right to do so. The viewer is encouraged to periodically review the Terms.

Privacy Policy.

The artist will use the personal information you provide to us when you send us emails in order to respond to your request — for example, to reply to your email or to send you communications about news and events related to the artist.

Terms of Use.

Please be respectful and do not copy, edit, or share any information or images found on this site without giving full responsibility to the artist. The artist asks that if you "share the love" electronically (sharing information or images found on this site) that you provide a link to this website. Therefore, others may view the site and continue to "share the love" the right way. You are granted access and use of this site to electronically copy, and print to hard copy images and information for educational, and personal use only, just don't forget where it came from!




Does the artist want you to share information and images found on this site? Of course! Just do it the right way. Go ahead and spread the love!


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